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Children and Floating
One of the questions we are frequently asked by our customers is, can children float?

The answer is yes! Children as young as 9-years old can float with a guardian present.

In fact, floating in a sensory deprivation tank is perfectly safe for older children. The water is shallow and salty, so it poses little danger of them drowning in the tank. Many tank models function on a water depth of just 10 to 12 inches. Still, it is a good idea to monitor your children while in the tank so that you can be there to help them as needed.

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Other benefits of floating for children

Childhood can be a time filled with innocence and happiness. It can also be a time ruled by irrational fears. Common childhood fears, like a fear of monsters hiding in the closet or under the bed, can make life difficult for a child. They sleep less. They adopt poor eating habits. Their mood goes from happy to depressed. Being inside a dark enclosed space like a sensory deprivation tank can help children address these fears in a controlled environment. They can see what is causing those fears and become empowered through discovering solutions on their own.

Spending time in floating can also help children fit in better at school. Floating sessions allow for changes in learning habits and social behavior. If a child is struggling to make friends or having a difficult time getting good grades, a few hours in a sensory deprivation tank each month can give them a chance to unlock their mind and learn how to overcome those obstacles.

Giving children the chance to float makes it easier for them to be happy and healthy in every sense of the word. It will help make their childhood a time filled with pleasant memories instead of crippling fears.

In summary, enjoying time in a float tank is not an experience meant to be reserved for adults. Many children can draw benefits from spending time floating. It opens the door for them to solve problems and cope with fears just as much as it does for an adult floater.

If your child has tried floating and has had a good experience, we would love to hear about it in the comments below or privately in an email. 

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