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massage centre in abu dhabi

Massage Centre in Abu Dhabi (Licensed)


We live in a world where stress is absolutely inevitable. It is a general experience; we all experience it in one way or the other in certain situations. It is important you consider visiting a massage therapist and visit our Massage Centre in Abu Dhabi as well as in Dubai.


Stress is a means through which the body responds to all type of threat and demands. The body responds to danger whether it is real or imagined through stress—stress response is a means employed by the body to protect you when it senses an unusual situation. Stress is required in some situations to stay energetic, focused and fully alert. Stress gives you the strength you need to protect yourself in an emergency situation; it makes you step on your vehicle brake to avert an accident.

Massage Therapy in Abu Dhabi

Everyone experiences various degrees of stress depending on the kind of situation one finds one’s self and also one’s personality traits. For instance; extroverts happen to encounter less stress daily, while perfectionists could experience more stress due to their high taste of perfectionism. Money also could be a factor. For example, people with cool cash could give stressful task out while others would be left with no choice than to work enormously to meet targets and save cash.

Stress makes you concentrate and keep your cool while giving that presentation of yours, motivates you to prepare for exams when you feel like watching TV. Stress helps us run our daily activities smoothly and with ease but to a certain point could cause major havoc to your health, affect your mood, it could as well tamper with your productivity and also your relationship if not properly managed.


The best way to avoid the accumulation of stress which could cause damage to your system is to manage it properly through massage therapy. You could easily locate a stress relief massage centre in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Massage therapy is very helpful to the body system in so many ways. It aids the relaxation of the muscle which will definitely lead to free fluid flow, increased joint space, minimal pain and an overall healthy body system.

When you massage your body, it enhances circulation which aids oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle cells and aids the treatment of certain inflammatory conditions like edema and arthritis. When you get a proper massage, it brings about proper relaxation responses which minimize the rate of your heartbeat, blood pressure, improves the immune system and gets rid of the effects of stress.

massage centre in abu dhabi

Massage therapy brings your body to a relaxation stage where your heartbeat is controlled, lowers the production of stress hormone and aids muscle relaxation and enhance serotonin level; a chemical that positively influences emotions and thoughts.

Engaging in an effective and proper massage therapy is the best if you want to rid your body of stress. Are you in search of a licensed massage centre in Dubai, stress relief centre and a world-class Dubai massage therapy centre that is well equipped with professional therapists? Point Zero Floatation is the right place to be.

massage centre in Dubai

Point Zero Floatation was established and licensed under HAAD over a decade ago and we have proven to be the best stress relief massage centre amongst others in Dubai, we run an excellent massage therapy centre in Abu Dhabi and its axis. We provide a stress relieving massage in a clean and professional environment.

Our teams of licensed therapists are all set to help restore a healthy system and aid your journey to better health.

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