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Massage Therapy in Abu Dhabi

Massage Therapy Dubai Center: Feel Relaxed

With Dubai’s high-stress work life, long working hours and the constant demand to meet strict deadlines, a large percentage of the UAE’s population, particularly the youngsters as well as adult people, are facing an uphill battle to stay fit and healthy. In these moments people are advised to get massage therapies which are very beneficial to di-stress and relieve tension.
If you are looking for the best centre which can meet all your demands, our Massage Therapy Dubai Center is your right choice!
As one of the largest and oldest massage bodywork facilities in Dubai, Point Zero Floatation Center has provided excellent professional service to our surrounding communities for over 14 years. Point Zero Floatation Center prides itself on the knowledge and wisdom that touch is an elemental dimension of our human existence and absolutely necessary to enhance the creative, self-organizing healing potential in each one of us.

Massage Therapy Dubai
Point Zero Floatation Center, established in May 2004, is a HAAD registered centre for rehabilitation. Point Zero Floatation Center are specialized in providing traditional and modern methods for the support of your individual lifestyle within a spa-style ambience of peace and calm.
All the services are administered by a team of internationally qualified, highly educated, motivated and involved professionals who are licensed by the Department of Health.
The primary aim of our doctors and therapists is to deliver the most effective treatments possible, based on open communication and trust between our doctors and patients.
We are committed to delivering outstanding service and you will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times by our friendly and helpful staff. Your appointment will be scheduled at your convenience and will be as timely as possible. Our future goals are to expand the services that we provide, inspire patient trust and confidence and to build long-term relationships.

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