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Workout Recovery – Floatation Therapy Is The Professional Athlete’s New Secret For Recovery

NFL Player JJ Watt. Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman. NBA phenom Stephen Curry. Joakim Noah ( New York Knicks.) Rugby star Josh Kennedy. They’re all using floatation therapy to maximize their athletic performance and workout recovery.

Floatation therapy helps the body recover more quickly from training and injury and achieve deep rest and relaxation. Josh Kennedy loves it so much he’s even started investing in float centers. Stephen Curry has even been featured on ESPN and Good Morning America boasting about the benefits of the floatation tank.

But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from floating. Yoga, CrossFit, triathalons, marathons, weekend soccer league–no matter your passion, float therapy can help you train and speed up your workout recovery time.

How Floatation Therapy Helps With Workout Recovery
Epsom salt:
Epsom salt treatments are nothing new to athletes, but float tanks take them to a whole new level. 1,000 pounds of the stuff is dissolved in the warm water of our float tanks. Not only does it make you instantly float, but the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory magic of Epsom salt soothes sore muscles, speeding healing and recovery.

Weightlessness gives every single muscle and joint in your body a chance to completely relax. No pressure points. No strain. Blood flow increases, your spine and neck release and lengthen, all tension dissolves.

Pain management:
Floating is scientifically proven to simultaneously reduce lactic acid levels in the blood and increase the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers. We’d call that a win-win. People have even used floatation therapy to help manage injuries or chronic pain. See how one client has found relief from her fibromyalgia.

The stress of training, of performance, of life in general can negatively affect sleep, increase injury and pain, and even lead to anxiety. An isolation float tank offers the ultimate relaxation, allowing you to quiet the mind and deeply rest the body. You return to your sport–and your life– refreshed and ready to achieve new goals.

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